Sisal Loop Carpet

This sisal loop carpet is our latest subversive sisal carpet launched this year. No matter from the knitting form or function application, it has made fundamental changes, overcoming some functional defects of the previous products, such as the problem of gaps caused by large-scale splicing, such as the problem of water in the use process.

Product Details

You are so lucky to see this product at this time! This is our most subversive sisal carpet this year.



The product information and data related to the sisal loop have been shown in the above pictures. I will not repeat it when I ask the bell.

Different from the previous sisal carpet, the sisal loop no longer uses the natural latex backing, which is based on the consideration of the water problem and is also determined by the process. The advantage of this is that there is no need to worry about the aging of latex in the process of use, thus prolonging the service life of carpet.

Compared with sisal Boucle, this sisal loop is more fashionable, has a wider range of applications, and its functions have been optimized accordingly. Of course, it can still be made into area rugs. But as a wall to wall carpet, it can show its advantages more.

In many cases, when paving carpet, it will encounter super large size, which requires splicing, which undoubtedly brings difficulty to the paving carpet. It is very common for sisal to cause unsightly appearance if the general sisal style is used, but the problem of sisal loop can be easily solved.

This is the biggest advantage of loop carpet, which can also reduce the loss of some small spaces in the process of general pavement.


In developing this sisal loop carpet, we tried and tried again and again to solve the problem of water. At present, this product has begun to stock, if you like this product, you can contact me, my email is

This sisal  loop carpet is available in 6 colors. Of course, you can customize the color you like, but there are certain requirements for the quantity.

Good products can help you better in business, our mission is to provide you with the best value for money products, and constantly upgrade.

Wish new and old customers all the best in 2020, welcome friends from all over the world to discuss cooperation.

TFC carpets

Series number: LoOP Carpet

Descriptio:JQW100BE47. PH 400


Pile Weight:1800g




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