Use Carpet Knowledge - Carpet Cleaning

- Jul 08, 2019-

Regular washing of carpets in different areas can restore the original appearance of the carpet and extend its service life. There are two basic methods for carpet cleaning, one is dry cleaning and the other is wet cleaning. Whichever method is used to wash the carpet, it is only suitable for professionals who are well-trained.

(1) Dry cleaning

There are two ways to dry carpets:

Foam dry cleaning

It is the most common carpet surface foam cleaning. The foam dry cleaning machine uses a rotating brush and an implantable wet vacuum nozzle to spray a large amount of detergent onto the carpet pile. Under the action of the rolling brush, the detergent After cleaning the pile, use a vacuum suction machine to remove the washing foam and suspend the dust.

Dry extraction and removal method

In the method, a mixture of a solvent, an emulsifier, water and a detergent is sprayed on the surface of the carpet by a manual or a dispensing container, and the washing device is brushed into the carpet pile for spin-drying for 30 minutes, and then the lotion and the dust are sucked off.

The dry cleaning is a surface cleaning, which can effectively restore the surface of the carpet, but it does not remove the dirt hidden in the carpet. It must be thoroughly cleaned.

(2) wet wash

When the oil stains and other viscous materials of the carpet are obviously concentrated, and the accumulation of dust and dirt has affected the color of the carpet and the elastic property of the carpet pile, and the dry cleaning method cannot be eradicated, the carpet should be wet-washed, that is, thoroughly cleaned.

There are two ways to wet the carpet:

Spray cleaning

The method is to spray hot water and detergent onto the carpet under pressure, and use a carpet washing device equipped with a rotating or oscillating brush to remove the dirt from the fibers and then suck it away under the action of water and detergent.

Steam cleaning

This is a very clean carpet cleaning method that removes dirt from the interior of the carpet pile and the dirt on the carpet surface is very good. Also known as extraction cleaning. A steam solvent composed of a mixture of water and cleaning liquid released by a special steam dry cleaning carpet machine is sprayed on the carpet, and then agitated by a mechanical swinging brush to suspend the dirt from the carpet fiber in the solvent and through the implantable vacuum suction. Head removal