TFC Anhui Sales Company Introduced Sisal Carpet Promotion Policy To Help Carpet Partners To Restore Market Vitality!

- May 10, 2020-

TFC Anhui Sales Company introduced sisal carpet promotion policy to help carpet partners to restore market vitality!

At present, the world is affected by COVID-19, the global economy has been hit hard, and the carpet industry is even bleak. Although factories around the world have resumed production one after another, the substantial reduction in orders is the continued downturn in the carpet industry. TFC carpets have fully resumed production in March, thanks to the concerted efforts of the Chinese government and Chinese people to fight the epidemic. With strong production strength and high-quality products, TFC's order volume is increasing day by day. In order to ride through the difficulties with carpet counterparts around the world, TFC's sales company in Anhui has introduced the following preferential policies to help those who have reached cooperation or are looking for quality suppliers friend.  

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The policy is as follows

First, we have a large stock of sisal rugs in stock, with rich colors. The main styles are 5 series such as small boucle, big boucle, herringbone, flat weave, tiger eye, etc.


Secondly, we mainly promote the series of products to give a substantial price reduction, and accept small orders, the MOQ of sisal coil is reduced from the original 1000 square meters to 360 square meters, exactly 3 volumes.



Third, our nylon 6 printed carpets and carpet tiles also have different degrees of price reduction


Fourth, all customers who place orders before June will receive special care from us in Shanghai in August, and you will enjoy VIP customer treatment from TFC.



The above preferential policies will continue until December 31, 2020. We hope that we can work together to prosper the carpet industry and allow us to develop better.


Although the current situation is very difficult, our customers still share the same difficulties with us as a family. We are grateful to our existing customers. At the same time, we hope to become a partner like your family with you who are reading this article.