Sisal Carpet Creates A Better Life, TFC Carpet Provides You With High Quality Sisal Carpet

- Nov 25, 2019-


“I’m so happy with the sisal, honestly it makes me smile everyday, and the whole place feels different as a result.” Remi Hikari, Adelaide

This is a sentence Remi Hikari, from Melbourne, told me recently when talking with me. She said a lot. She has everything in pieces. I am only impressed by this sentence. Maybe she has a conditioned reflection on the key word sisal. I will pay special attention to any contact with sisal. Maybe this is professionalism.

Remi Hikari is an environmentalist. She told me that her furniture and household products are all made of environmental protection materials. When she first met sisal carpet, she fell in love with the carpet that felt a little bit tied and not very comfortable. We keep in touch with each other all the time. Whenever a new model comes out, I will send it to her in time. She is also very enthusiastic about taking many cases of sisal carpet used by foreign consumers for me.


Remi and I are good friends because we share the same philosophy of environmental protection - from nature to nature.

We agree on sisal carpet. Sisal carpet comes from natural environmental protection sisal fiber, which does not contain any chemical composition. After use, it can be completely degraded and return to nature. It will not cause any pollution to the environment, and sisal carpet is also very easy to take care of in normal use. Therefore, sisal carpet will become more and more popular.

TFC carpet is a very powerful sisal carpet production chain enterprise in China. We participate in every link from raw material procurement to sisal yarn production, and then sisal fiber production to sisal carpet production. Therefore, we can control the quality and cost of sisal carpet from the source. We have our own R & D team and launch new models every year according to the market situation.

From technology to production, we are very familiar with, we can provide samples according to customers in a very short time to complete proofing! This is not all enterprises can do, but TFC carpet can do it!

With our common increase, Remi gradually became my customer. She saw our products at the Shanghai exhibition, and she trusted our quality!

So far, Remi has purchased 4000 square meters of sisal carpet and sisal tile in our company. We have a very happy cooperation! She told me that her clients are very satisfied with the quality of our sisal carpet and she would like to continue to work closely with us.

Yesterday, I sent our latest samples to her in the form of international express, and told her about our existing inventory. I think this is tacit understanding!

From now to the end of 2020, we will make sufficient stock of high-quality sisal carpets and sisal tiles of various colors.

All the plans we have made are to better serve our friends and customers with high quality and efficiency.

We are a professional sisal carpet supplier, waiting for you to join us!