Maintenance And Use Knowledge Of Household Carpet

- Nov 21, 2019-

Carpet used to be considered as an expensive household luxury, now it appears frequently in ordinary families with people's pursuit of high-quality life. However, there are still many consumers who think that carpet is not only troublesome to take care of, but also worried about the cost waste caused by its short service life as a ground textile. Let's take a look at the life cycle and cost of carpet.

1. Cost of carpet life cycle

The cost of carpet life cycle is the sum of the basic manufacturing cost, installation cost, additional expenses during installation and installation, and maintenance cost divided by the years of carpet consumption. How long a carpet can be used depends on its acceptable appearance.

Some types of carpet, in order to maintain a considerable appearance, have to pay 60% more than the maintenance fee of ordinary carpet. Therefore, the long-term savings in maintenance costs are enough to offset the huge investment that was initially used to buy quality carpets.

2. Maintenance and cost of carpet

The service life of carpet is affected by many factors, such as carpet manufacturing quality, fiber, texture, type, color, pattern, cushion, usage, usage, maintenance demand, etc. It can be seen how important the correct maintenance method is to prolong the service life of carpet. If there is a lack of detailed carpet maintenance plan or only an occasional maintenance, the appearance loss of the carpet must be faster and more serious than that of the carpet receiving daily care, so the maintenance and repair costs change at any time, which is really difficult to budget. All in all, the sum of these expenses is usually more than the budget and planned maintenance expenses.

Facts show that effective maintenance measures can prolong the life cycle of carpet. The longer the carpet is used, the lower the annual cost.