Knowledge Of Wool Carpet Usage

- Jul 19, 2019-

Wool carpets can be used in all commercial buildings, but different types of wool carpets should be used according to the specific conditions of different places, which have achieved the best results. New Zealand wool carpets can be divided into three according to density, pile height, weight, etc. Grades, ie light load type, medium load type, heavy load type. Under the condition of consistent objective conditions, different grades of wool carpet have different service life. Commercial places can choose the following important parameters when selecting wool carpet. Make a choice.

1. Human traffic, which is the average number of people per day

2. Expected life of the carpet

3. Special requirements for places where carpets are laid. For example, static electricity, heat insulation, indoor pulleys and stairs, etc.

4. A preference for carpet design styles such as patterns, colors, organizational structures, etc.

5. Budget for buying carpets

It is worth noting that:

1. Entrance: A clean door mat is required at the door of the building to prevent dust on the shoes from being brought to the carpet on the room.

2. In front of the counter: these places are crowded and easy to produce smudges.

3. Carpet edge: If the carpet is large, it is recommended to use the carpet edge to enhance the visual effect.