How To Judge The Quality Of Carpet

- Jul 18, 2019-

How to judge the quality of the carpet, in addition to looking at the indicators given by the manufacturer, the experts reminded that the following three points should be noted:

First, look at the pile density of the carpet: you can touch the carpet with your hands. The quality of the pile is high, and the density of the carpet surface is full. This kind of carpet has good elasticity, wear resistance, and is comfortable and durable. Consumers should not choose the plush method to select the carpet. The surface looks fluffy and good, but the pile density is loose, the pile is easy to fall and deform, not resistant to pedaling, and not durable.

Second, color fastness: When choosing a carpet, you can rub it repeatedly on the carpet surface several times to see if the color is sticky on the hand. If the color is sticky, the color fastness of the product is not good, and the carpet is easy to use. Discoloration and discoloration occur.

Third, the carpet backing peeling strength: the back of the tufted carpet is glued with a layer of mesh backing cloth. When selecting this type of carpet, the base fabric can be gently torn and torn to see the degree of bonding, such as The adhesion is not high, the base fabric and the carpet are easily separated, and the carpet is not durable.