Cleaning Carpet Specifications And Operations

- Jul 04, 2019-

Including a variety of leather, pure wool, chemical fiber texture carpets, tapestries, bed blankets, decorative blankets and so on. Carpet treatment is steam sauna machine, multi-function machine cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine, combined with special disinfection, decontamination agent for carpet steam killing mites, sterilization, foam cleaning and decontamination, vacuum suction machine suction sewage, air drying, combing, and finally It is treated with anti-fouling spray to form a waterproof film on the surface of the carpet to achieve waterproof and dustproof effect.

Use tools and materials:

First, water pumping (can be suitable for chemical fiber carpet)

Equipment used: carpet brush, sprayer, suction machine, carpet cleaner.

Use of material: carpet shampoo.

Operation method:

1. Vacuum all the way with a vacuum cleaner

2. Dilute the detergent, it can also be injected into the water tank.

3. Spray the cleaner on the carpet

4. After 10-15 minutes, the stains are detached from the fiber.

5. Wash with a scrubber, operate backwards and make a part of each operation line overlap, at least two times of washing

6. While cleaning the carpet, use a water suction machine to absorb the washed carpet.

Second, dry bubble cleaning

Use equipment, tools: single-disc scrubber with carpet brush and bubbler, carpet comb or crepe, vacuum cleaner.

Use of materials: carpet high foam cleaner.

Operation method:

1. Vacuum the whole with a vacuum cleaner

2. Partial treatment is to treat the oil stains, fruit stains and coffee stains on the carpet with a special cleaning agent.

3. Dilute the carpet foam cleaner and inject it into the bubble box.

4. Handle the edge of the carpet, the corners and the place where the machine is pushed by hand

5. Use a single-disc sweeper equipped with a bubbler and carpet brush to scrub the carpet with dry foam.

6, the role for a while, then repeat

7. Carpet combs or crepe combs the carpet cilia, which is very important for the appearance of the carpet, especially the long-fiber lint carpet, and has the effect of speeding up the carpet drying.

8. Let the carpet hair completely dry

9. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dry foam crystals.