Carpets Are Classified By Function

- Jul 16, 2019-

a) Commercial carpet

Broadly speaking, it refers to all carpets except for household and industrial carpets. Commercial carpets are limited to hotels, hotels, office buildings, offices, restaurants, etc. in the United States, and in the developed countries of the United States and the West, commercial carpets have been used in airport terminals, docks, and trains in addition to carpets. Halls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nurseries, theaters and other places are widely used, and with the economic development and social progress, the use of carpets will gradually increase and coverage will be wider.

b) Household carpet

As the name suggests, home carpet carpets are still on the block carpets in China, because the decoration of Chinese families is still dominated by wood flooring and developed in the West. Home carpets are a combination of full and rugs, Chinese families. Great potential for carpeting

c) Industrial carpet

Industrial carpets are still limited to cars, airplanes, passenger ships, trains, etc. from domestic to foreign countries.