Carpet Use Tips

- Jul 13, 2019-

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the soft decoration of the family. Carpets are used more and more in people's home decoration because of their many graces, comfortable feet, moisture and moisture resistance. Putting a carpet in the house, in addition to decorating the living room, it is important to bring a warm and comfortable feeling to the home. The use of carpets can be seen everywhere, not only at home, but also in hotels, offices and other places.

The structure of the carpet is generally divided into 4 layers. The first layer is a top layer, usually woven with natural fibers and rayon, the surface is loose and soft; the second layer is a support layer, usually woven with fibers to support, which can improve the stability and durability of the carpet. The surface layer yarn and the layer material are entangled with each other; the third layer is a sub-layer layer, which is generally woven with hemp or chemical fiber, and is adhered to the support layer with the adhesive firmly to firmly bond the entire carpet structure; It is generally a plastic hole-like structure, which serves to isolate the carpet from the ground and increase the breathability and elasticity of the carpet. The quality of the carpet is greatly influenced by the type of textile fiber used, the number and density of carpet piles, and the pile height. Silk and wool have the best overall performance. The high pile carpet is soft but not easy to clean. In addition, the high-quality carpet surface is flat, the blanket body is thin and even, and it can be restored immediately after being pressed gently, and the back of the carpet is not worn.

The selection of the carpet should be commensurate with the occasion of use. The living room is suitable for short-wool carpets, because the general living room usage rate is much higher than other rooms. If a long-wool carpet is used, the fluff will wear out and will become dirty quickly. In addition, the use of patterned carpet in the living room is also conducive to cleaning. If you don't have a lot of visitors at home, you can use medium-length fluff and light-colored carpets. The bedroom can be made of natural long-wool carpets, which have good sound absorption, good warmth and a very good touch. Soft, fluffy mid-velt carpets are best used in children's rooms.

Carpets bring joy to people's lives, but in use, people feel headaches for some shortcomings of carpets, such as carpets are dirty and difficult to clean, difficult to collect, easy to fade, not resistant to pressure and easy to leave marks. Compared with floor tiles, flooring and other materials, carpets are high-grade and vulnerable, and need to be carefully maintained during use, in order to last a long time. First of all, the carpet should be vacuumed as much as possible every day, which can reduce the number of carpet cleaning, and the damage to the fiber structure of the carpet can be minimized. Secondly, the stain on the carpet should be removed in time. Inadvertently spilling ink, beverages, etc. on the carpet, can be removed in time with high-quality carpet cleaning paste, so as to avoid the penetration and spread of stains. If the stain is etched for too long, it is laborious and time-consuming to clean, and a large amount of detergent is used, which easily damages the carpet fiber. In addition, the carpet should be surface cleaned regularly. Finally, periodic thorough cleaning to remove dirt from the carpet piles can maintain the appearance of the carpet and extend the life of the carpet.