Carpet Material

- Jul 06, 2019-

Nylon: It is a polyamide fiber, also called nylon. The dyeing property is better in synthetic fiber. It is light in weight, good in waterproof and windproof, high in abrasion resistance and good in strength and elasticity.

Polypropylene: Appears like woolen silk or cotton, waxy hand and luster, elasticity and recovery are generally not easy to wrinkle, small weight, light, good clothing, can transmit sweat faster, keep skin comfortable, strength and wear resistance are compared Good durability.

Silk: bright, noble, a certain amount of straight silk, can make the product feel smoother, more compact, shiny, comfortable, elegant, luxurious, with good elastic strength, good moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable.

Acrylic: commonly known as "artificial wool" has the characteristics of softness, warmth and strong strength. The surface is flat, the structure is tight, it is not easy to be deformed, and the water shrinkage after washing is extremely small.

Mercerized wool: soft gloss, soft and soft, strong hygroscopicity, good breathability, comfortable and non-sticky, with general warmth and keep the body fresh, with good heat resistance.