Carpet Maintenance Knowledge - Restorative Cleaning Method

- Jul 11, 2019-

Temporary cleaning methods do not remove sticky, adherent residues and dry particles that have adhered to the carpet. Deep cleaning is required to restore the carpet to its original condition. There are four types of restorative cleaning methods: dehydration, dry foam, dry powder, and rotary washing machine. But which method is the best method is still controversial in the hotel industry. However, everyone agrees that it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt before attempting a restorative cleaning method.

Dehydration, also known as hot water extraction or "steam cleaning": spray the solution on the carpet, then use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to dry the water. The term "steam cleaning method" is used incorrectly because there is no use of steam at all, only hot or cold water is used. The machine has two water tanks, one containing the solution sprayed on the carpet and the other containing the dirty water sucked in.

The person operating the machine should avoid making the carpet too wet, and stack it 5 to 7.6 cm (2 to 3) feet wide for each walk. The stained area should be wetted with detergent in advance, and then vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner for a few minutes. After the carpet is completely dry, it can be put back in place or walked.

Many experts believe that this method is the best deep cleaning method. However, hot water extraction can have many negative effects if the cleaning method is not appropriate. If the water is too hot or the detergent solution is used too much, the wet carpet will shrink and the seam will crack. Never search for water at 66 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit). When cleaning wool carpets, it is best to use cold water. Most machines on the market have access to cold and hot water. Although the hot water extractor can minimize the problems caused by other wet washing with detergents, the growth of mold and bacteria can still occur in a humid environment. Fans, air conditioners, and heating systems can be used to reduce the time it takes for the carpet to dry. If the operator does not use too much detergent solution, the carpet should be dried within 1 hour.

Dry foam is another method of restorative cleaning. First brush the foam on the carpet and immediately clean it with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. After the carpet is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the residue.

Dry foam is used in places where there is a lot of walking, and it is cleaned every day to remove the dirt brought in by the soles. The biggest disadvantage of dry foam cleaning is that a large amount of detergent residue is left on the carpet, which will cause the carpet to become dirty prematurely. If you do not use a vacuum cleaner after using the foam, the carpet will become dirty after a few days.

The advantage of dry powder is that the carpet area is out of service for the shortest time. As soon as the cleaning work is completed, it can be put back into service. Because no water is used, mold, odor, tensile deformation of the carpet, seam cracking and other problems do not exist.

The method of dry powder cleaning is to put some dry powder or crystals on the carpet. These dry powders or crystals will stick to the dirt. When the vacuum cleaner's stirring brush stirs the carpet, the dirt is sucked away.

The dry powder method may leave some residue on the carpet and may not remove any dirt from the carpet.

Wet washing is carried out using a rotary floor machine. The rotary floor machine has a water tank filled with detergent solution. A special brush is agitated on the carpet as the solution is sprayed onto the carpet. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a defoaming agent is then used to remove the dirt. When the carpet is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to dry it again.

Cleaning with this method, the carpet will cause too much bacteria to cause the growth of mold and other bacteria, and the carpet may stretch and deform the water, and the joints will crack. If the machine stays at the same stain for too long, the brush on the floor machine may damage the soft surface of the carpet. Many experts believe that this method wears the most carpets.