Carpet Maintenance Knowledge - Desmut

- Jul 12, 2019-

Stains and water stains require immediate action to eliminate. If you leave stains and water stains on the carpet, many things will leave stubborn stains on the carpet, especially nylon and wool carpets. Regardless of the type of stain, carpet or sweeping tool, the stain removal procedure described below applies:

1. Gently wipe off dirt from the carpet, such as chewing gum and tar.

2. When the liquid splashing on the carpet has not yet reached the carpet, immediately drain the liquid. Don't rub the stains, it will actually get dirt on the carpet fibers. Only use a cloth strip to blot the liquid.

3. Apply a cleaning agent to the carpet. If the spot remover is a liquid, the spot remover liquid can be blotted dry with a clean cloth strip or a clean sponge.

4. This time, let the spotting agent work, then suck away the spotting agent and dry the small piece of carpet.

Many well-reputed companies have developed highly effective spot removers that effectively remove dozens of stains.

Finally, certain strong chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, cannot be used to remove stains because they often remove the stained color of the carpet along with stains and stubborn stains.