Breakthrough! TFC Sisal Carpet Can Be Used Directly As Wallpaper And Wall Covering!

- Nov 28, 2019-

C9EDDBFF-7150-4ADF-A82C-AFB6AAF781AE(20190729-120Because of its excellent quality, TFC sisal carpet becomes a sisal carpet that can be used as wallpaper and decorative wall.


As we all know, sisal rug is a very environmentally friendly rug, and it is becoming more and more popular in the design world.With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, people's demand for ecological household products is also increasing.When decorating their home environment, people pay more and more attention to natural products. For example, sisal, jute, seagrass and other materials have become important options for people.


However, the appearance of multiple materials in a home will inevitably affect the design effect, make the home environment look less beautiful, unified modeling and coordination, and complexity will make the environment messy.


When decorating a home, we often use wallpaper and carpet. If these two aspects are unified, the decoration effect in the home is perfect?

Can it be done? Of course we can!


TFC carpet perfectly solves this problem and is widely used in China. Our sisal carpet is spread from the ground to the wall!

Because sisal rugs have the characteristics of flame retardant, sound absorption and air humidity adjustment, sisal rugs can already open new markets as excellent wallpaper!


There is another reason why TFC carpet can become wallpaper. It is the continuous innovation of production technology and the continuous improvement of product quality. We will not easily recommend new products to customers until major breakthroughs are made. We will recommend it to customers only after the products have been tested repeatedly and the quality is excellent and stable. So, using our carpet, you will save a lot of unnecessary trouble, and we will become your excellent partner!


The sisal carpet must have a very good latex backing to become wallpaper or wall covering, otherwise it will affect the effect of sticking to the wall.Our sisal carpet is made of pure natural latex, which does not contain any harmful substances. It is evenly coated and durable.


I hope you can read this article, and hope it can bring you more inspiration!