Selection of carpet fibers

- Aug 14, 2019-

Proper and reasonable selection of the raw materials that make up the carpet is very important for the maintenance of the carpet. The wool fiber has the dual advantages of anti-pollution and pollution, and it is the easiest to release dust during vacuuming and cleaning. This feature is irreplaceable for chemical fiber.

Repel dust and dirt outside the carpet area

In general, 80% of the dirt is brought into the building by the foot, 15% of the dust is brought in by the air, and 5% is brought into the accident by the human body. Therefore, effective control of dirt on the foot belt is the key to maintaining the appearance of the carpet and reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. The most effective precaution is to place a 2-4 m vacuum wiper at the entrance or entrance. The vacuuming wipes should be cleaned from time to time, and the dust accumulates too much. The wiper becomes a source of pollution and loses its effect. If it can be used for two sets, it is better.

Elevator blanket

The dirt brought in by the foot can basically eliminate most of the dirt by wiping the foot pad. For example, a dusty and high-wool wool elevator blanket is more effective in dust removal in the elevator.