Selection of carpet categories - selection of carpets for rooms

- Aug 08, 2019-

The carpet of the room can be preferably woven with Wilton carpet, because the carpet is denser, the pile is higher and fuller, and the foot feels quite comfortable. The ratio of wool used in this type of carpet is generally between 50% and 80%, which can enjoy the advantages of wool carpet, but also overcome the shortage of wool hair removal and drying. In the selection of cashmere height should be 8-9mm is appropriate, too high should not be maintained, vacuuming and cleaning, plus the carpet has rubber pad flexibility is enough, too high and no benefit, but also increase the project cost.

Because these products are much more efficient than Axminster carpets, they are less expensive than Axminster carpets. Our company can also process according to the width of your room in the supply of such carpets, without wasting the use of carpets.