Selection of carpet carpet office carpet

- Aug 17, 2019-

Block carpet, also known as modular carpet, carpet. It is very popular as a business environment and other relatively simple ground engineering projects.

The carpet tile is cut from the entire roll of carpet and is typically 48 x 48, 50 x 50, 60 x 60 and 96 x 96 cm small squares. Some carpet manufacturers also offer other special shapes and sizes, such as hexagons and triangles, but add complexity and cost to the carpet installation. The carpet tile can be used as a substitute for full carpet without the need for unique customization and is easy to install and maintain. It has the same quality and longevity as a full carpet, creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

The carpet tile produced by the diamond carpet has a long-lasting elasticity and a comfortable foot. The environmentally friendly bottom back is that the carpet is not easily broken, providing maximum leveling and stability. The color and pattern are atmospheric, stylish, simple, and versatile, and can be spliced and combined to meet the design needs of personalized space.

Diamond carpet anti-fouling, wear-resistant, quiet, soft is very suitable for high-rise business office building, office carpets, conference room carpets, office carpets, exhibition hall carpets and other best choices.