Raw materials for making carpets - natural fibers

- Aug 01, 2019-


Wool is the oldest and most common natural fiber, and it is particularly suitable for carpet production because of its excellent wear resistance and long-lasting appearance. Wool does not support burning and does not generate static electricity under normal conditions.


In addition to the finest handcrafted carpets, carpets are rarely produced from silk.


Jute is mainly used as a backing material, and it is occasionally used as a surface fiber for plain weave carpets.

·Coconut fiber

The coconut shell contains strong, soft fibers. The coconut shell is soaked for several months after harvesting, then squeezed, washed and dried. The pale yellow fibers are woven into yarns and finally woven into plain rugs or cut rugs and mats.


Linen is used in looped velvet and flat grain carpets and carpets.