Principle of carpet selection

- Nov 25, 2019-

(1) principle of unifying carpet selection, decoration standard and style

Any project is planned and standardized no matter it is a new project, an old project or a redecoration project. Whether to decorate according to five-star standard or three-star standard, western style or Chinese style, classical school or modern school, all these are the reference points of what kind, grade, color and pattern carpet you choose, and only by adhering to the unity of decoration standard style and carpet selection, can you make your project perfect and achieve the purpose of icing on the cake.

Regional selection

(2) principle of carpet selection in different regions

A complete hotel project is composed of many different areas, including guest rooms, corridors, elevator halls, large and small restaurants, large and small conference rooms, reception rooms, office areas, entertainment areas, etc. Due to the different functions of these areas, there are also differences in the flow of people and vehicles. In order to adapt to the particularity of the region, the choice of carpet in each region must correspond to it, that is, adaptability.

Adapt to external environment

(3) principle of carpet selection adapting to external environment

What kind of external environment your hotel or hotel is in has a great restriction on your choice of carpet. Annual average rainfall, average temperature, outdoor relative temperature, humidity, air quality, sanitation and greening are all considered factors. If these factors are not taken into account, it will bring great trouble to the carpet in the use process. For example, in the winter of nearly half a year in Harbin, the city is very clean, but the ice and snow on the feet of the guests melt as soon as they enter the hotel, causing a lot of pollution to the corridor and the carpet in the guest room. Shanxi is a big coal producing province. The small and even invisible dust is brought into the hotel along with the entrant's shoes, which makes it difficult to clean the carpet. Therefore, when the external environment is special, more consideration should be given to the unity of carpet category and environment.

In line with the project budget

(4) principle of matching carpet selection with project budget

First of all, the grade of carpet should not be selected due to budget impact, but it can be adjusted. The price of machine-made carpet varies due to different manufacturing process and raw material ratio, which provides a great choice for not only reducing the carpet grade but also matching the budget. Due to the different manufacturing process, the price of the same 80% wool guest room carpet varies significantly from acminster, Wilton and wool tufts. The use of 50% wool and 50% chemical fiber blended spinning (except nylon, polyester, acrylic and other chemical fiber prices are lower than wool prices), can not only ensure the practical quality of carpet, but also eliminate static electricity. The advantages and disadvantages of wool and chemical fiber complement each other, and can also reduce the cost. In addition, the price can be reduced by reducing the thickness of carpet and the weight of pile. In a word, under the principle of not reducing the category and grade of carpet selection, the variety, wool proportion and pile weight should be adjusted within the scope of the same grade and the same kind of carpet, so as to unify the carpet quality with the project budget.

Three shops

(5) carpet selection shall adhere to the principle of goods comparison

No matter imported carpet or domestic carpet, manufacturers will have different final products, varieties, quality, designs, prices and services due to different equipment, raw materials, processing technology and management level. Through the selection of products for manufacturers, we can use the methods of sample comparison, information analysis, enterprise investigation, etc. to achieve the purpose of carpet selection and better service