Planned preventive measures

- Aug 13, 2019-

Carpets are textiles that are the only textiles that people move directly from the various external environments onto the carpet. It has the advantages that any floor covering material such as stone, wood, steel, plastic products can never reach, but it is not as easy to maintain as other materials, just like the choice of carpet quality and color. Regular, planned and regular maintenance of the carpet is very important. Dust can smudge the carpet, causing the carpet to lose its appeal and also wear the carpet. The dust left by the walk will cause the carpet pile yarn to fall and bend, and the embedded sand will wear the surface of the carpet fiber, so that the carpet loses its resilience. Planned and scientific cleaning and maintenance of carpets is the key to achieving or extending the life expectancy of carpets.

The so-called plan is to plan the carpet how to prevent dirt, vacuum, cleaning, etc. before using the carpet and before the carpet is delivered, so that the selection is for use, and the maintenance is for better and more perfect use.

Carpet selection contains anti-pollution and easy-to-clean content

When using carpets for rooms, it is best to avoid plain carpets. Under the premise that the basic colors match the decoration style and decoration color, you should choose small jacquard products, which has great concealment for mild pollution and burnt marks like cigarettes. Carpet quality should be based on high proportion of wool (50-80%) carpets, because wool has excellent stain resistance and is easy to clean.

Corridors, elevator halls, large and small restaurants and other public parts should choose multi-color jacquard wool with a wool content of 50%. The height should be 7mm, the color should be a little deeper, the pattern should be a little dense, and the contrast between the colors should be larger. Its pollution is better, increasing the visual obscuration of dust and stains.

For a complete hotel project, carpets in rooms, conference rooms, etc. should be lighter in color, while public part carpets should be darker in color.

If the external sanitary conditions of your hotel are not ideal and the air pollution is relatively serious, the corridors and public parts can be wool or nylon loop or nylon jacquard carpets to meet the needs of frequent cleaning and drying.