Is it good to decorate the carpet in the office?

- Aug 15, 2019-

There is often a common problem in office renovation. Is the office floor carpeted or floor tiled? In fact, what is not important in the office floor is important, what is the style and environment you want to shape the office.

It is worth mentioning that there are many benefits to the office carpeting. Here are four of the following benefits:

1. Safe and non-slip. The carpet properties are soft and flexible, providing gentle protection.

Imagine if the ground is a hard floor such as a floor or a tile. It is easy to slip when it gets wet. Old people and children will be injured if they are not careful. The carpet is effective to prevent this from happening and prevent accidental falls. Even if it falls, the office carpet is soft and can reduce the possibility of injury after a fall.

2. Reduce noise. Office carpeting helps to reduce the benefits of indoor noise.

We all know that the texture of the carpet is soft, which can effectively reduce the reflection of sound and play the role of sound absorption. Different from the floor and floor tiles, the office floor carpet can effectively absorb the impact sounds of people's feet on the ground, as well as the noise of table and chair movement, creating a quiet and beautiful office atmosphere.

3. Decorative effect. Office carpeting can serve as a decoration. Because the carpet pattern is more abundant than other decorative materials such as floor and tile, there are more choices in color, and it can match various matching methods according to the environment of the office.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection. Carpeting in the office can help maintain the temperature inside the room.

Due to the material of the carpet, it has a good maintenance and conduction effect on the heat. The carpet in the office can block the coolness of the ground and maintain a constant temperature effect. In the summer, it is also possible to concentrate air-conditioning and air-conditioning, delay the evaporation of cold air, and play a certain role in energy conservation and emission reduction.