Hairy Carpets Practical Warm Winter Home Items

- Aug 06, 2019-

Do you think that your own wooden floor or marble floor tiles always make the room feel cold? Spread a soft carpet on the floor, letting the warm feeling of the fluffy wool spread from the soles of the feet to the heart.

The striped carpet pattern is simple and practical, and it is most suitable for use in a modern home environment. As long as the color is coordinated, it will never go wrong. If you think that the pattern of your own floor tiles is too complicated and messy, it is definitely a good idea to lay a solid color carpet on top. The color-biased warm carpet not only can dispel the chill in the sense of body to achieve warmth, but also create a warm effect on the space color, which is more suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Large flower carpet, releasing passion and vitality

The carpet with large flower patterns and bright colors exudes a unique temperament, which can inject vitality into the space, bringing the fatigue and laziness of the winter to people.

Small carpet combination Large space is most suitable

When choosing a carpet, you don't have to follow the principle of small space with small carpet and large space for large carpet. Sometimes you choose two small carpets to be combined in a large space, which can bring about variability. More playful and active.

Natural color, warm and distanceless

Beige, light yellow and other natural and versatile colors, the most intimate feeling of warmth without any pressure. Stepping it under your feet is the best experience.

Woven carpet, thick material touch

Imitating the weaving of wool, the method used as a weaving method for carpets is refreshing. It makes people think of the soft and thick sweater from the visual and tactile sensation, accompanying the winter scenery.