Choose the carpet according to the purpose

- Aug 05, 2019-

The carpet tile is small and beautiful, and it is easy to adjust. The purchaser can select the specifications of the purchased carpet according to the size of the room and the furnishings. The carpet tile composition is generally beautiful, rich in color, and very rich in ornament. The carpet tile is easy to clean, flexible to lay, and can be changed at will, giving people a sense of freshness from time to time.

Flower carpets have been popular for some time. These carpets are made up of small square carpets with patterned patterns. They can be stitched together like a floorboard as the user wishes, creating an ideal graphic. The sizes of such carpets sold on the market are usually 50 cm x 50 cm, which are usually sold in boxes and laid out to save labor and materials. After using for a period of time, you can move the wear part, do the dispersion treatment, and it is easy to remove the cleaning when it is severely stained.

Oval and round carpets (long-haired rugs) are simple and brightly coloured, and they are often used in conjunction with carpets with a large area and a single color. The location where it is laid is a common location for the visitor area, the front of the single sofa, and the center of the active area. This kind of carpet is generally woven with pure wool material, which has high taste and great ornamental value.