Carpet tile installation steps

- Jul 16, 2019-

When the carpet tile is installed, it is necessary to glue the bottom back, so as to ensure the stability and firmness of the carpet. Of course, there will be special circumstances, such as the installation of high-grade tiles, wooden floors, etc., customers do not want to destroy the ground and hope that the carpet is installed firmly, you can choose the "carpet patch" artifact, and no trace and environmental protection!

The carpet veneer is a single-sided adhesive tape. Only one side is sticky, only sticks to the carpet, does not stick to the ground, does not leave a glue on the ground, and is environmentally friendly. Diamond Carpet Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction to the steps of installing carpet tiles with carpet tiles~

1. Clean the low ground first to ensure that there are no obvious high and low fluctuations on the ground. Peel off the adhesive tape with the glue side facing up to stick the carpet.

2. Take two carpet tiles and position the carpet. The sharp corners are opposite, corresponding to the patch position.

3. Repeat the above steps to attach the other 2 carpets to the carpet patch. Complete the installation of 1 combination. The same method is used for other carpet tiles. If you reach the corners, you can use scissors to trim the size you need.

The number of carpet tiles and the number of carpet tiles is 1:1. For example, a carpet tile of 50 cm×50 cm size is used, and one patch corresponds to 1 square meter. The carpet on the side of the wall can only be glued to 2 carpets, and the rest needs to be cut off. For reasonable consumption, it is recommended to purchase 3% of the patch for cutting and reinforcement.

Friendly Tip: Carpet patches are limited to carpet tiles. Although the tiles will not hurt the ground, the stability and firmness are definitely not comparable to glue, so it is not a substitute for glue in terms of functionality. Rough concrete floors, high and low potholes, and wet floors are not suitable for carpet tiles.