Carpet laying conditions and methods

- Aug 20, 2019-

1. The ground surface needs to have a high degree of flatness before laying the block carpet. Because the thickness and shape of the carpet tile is quite accurate, if the ground is not flat, seam marks will appear.

2. Select the starting point: according to the length and width of the room and the laying plan, after calculation, the back carpet that is spread to the surrounding wall is guaranteed to have sufficient width (20cm--50cm), therefore, the shop The points are generally not close to a wall. At this starting point, use the ink fountain to play two long cross lines, and the intersection should be at a right angle. Then lay it on all sides at this point.

3. Pay attention to the directionality: the back of each carpet has printed arrows, reflecting the same direction of the pile surface. When laying, pay attention to the consistency of the arrow along the direction, because even the same color number of the same batch Carpets, only in the same direction, will not produce visual chromatic aberration. Therefore, the tile in the same direction of the tile can achieve the visual effect of the general large blanket. For other effects or according to certain matte pattern features (such as regular stripe matte), vertical laying of blocks and blocks can also be used.

4. The block is tight. If the ground level is flat and the four corners of the starting point are at one point, then any four pieces that continue to be laid back should be at a point. Otherwise, it is not the size of the carpet or the problem of the straight angle is that the laying is not tight, there will be a seam problem, and it should be reworked.

5. Copying and cutting: After cutting according to the shape of the wall and the column, it can be cut to achieve the effect of the seam.

6. Fixed side fixing: When laying on the door or other open side, it is good to buy the rug and the bead is closed.


1. After the carpet is laid, check the overall effect. It is found that the suede seams can be adjusted appropriately, such as the exchange between blocks and blocks.

2. In the process of laying carpet tiles, for some reasons, some rugs in the rug are occasionally fluffed. At this time, you can use scissors to trim or use a hot air gun to trim the hair, but pay attention to the trimming gesture and the temperature control of the hot air to avoid Damaged carpet.