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Most designers and home owners choose jute because of its relative softness as natural flooring. Jute has a very neutral tone and mixes with almost any design layout in a restful and non-invasive way.

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Why Choose Jute Runners

Most designers and home owners choose jute because of its relative softness as natural flooring. Jute has a very neutral tone and mixes with almost any design layout in a restful and non-invasive way.

Jute is durable and has a similar aesthetic quality to carpet. Like a carpet, it should be supported with good underlay and stain protection spray to extend the life.

The environmental qualities of jute as a material are breath-taking. Durability means long life. When eventually discarded, it is 100% biodegradable and when it decomposes puts valuable nutrients back into the soil. Jute plants when grown (and they do so prolifically), consume significantly more CO2 than trees! That's what you call doing your bit for the environment!

Jute Boucle

Jute Boucle is a neutral non-combative designer material which looks great in country style design.

This is an extremely flexible design concept. Surrounding furnishings will look great in bleached, painted, or medium wood. Curtain treatments in light or transparent pastel and natural shades will look fabulous. Use natural materials such as matt ceramic tiles and oiled wood for surrounding floors. Accent colors should be taupe, pale greens, or shades of brown and light terracotta.

This design motif is about a village atmosphere, combining warm natural materials in an unpretentious but elegant style.

Jute stair treads are great accessories for ensuring your stairs stay clean and tidy. There are particularly useful as a temporary measure if you are having your home renovated, and there are useful if you are running an office where people are walking up and down the stairs every day on a regular basis. Jute stair treads are used mainly to protect carpet on the stairs, so it’s important that you do some research to find out which treads would be the best to protect your carpet.

Choosing the right size

In order to make jute stair treads as effective as possible for your requirements, you need to choose the correct size. Choosing treads which are too small could result in certain areas of your carpet getting damaged, while treads which are too large can be dangerous for people trying to walk up and down the stairs, particularly if they are carrying things or wearing certain shoes.

The first step when buying jute stair treads is to measure your stairs. If you have spiral stairs or a staircase where the length of each stair varies as you go up, you will need to measure either each individual stair or every stair where the size changes. This could become complicated and tedious, particularly if you have many staircases which need to be measured. Once you have the measurements, you will then be able to request the correct quantity and the correct size from the supplier.

Choosing the right shape

This is very similar to choosing the right size. If you have standard stairs which don’t vary in shape, you will have the measurements for one stair and this will be provided in a rectangular shape just like the stairs. However, different styles and sizes of steps could mean that you end up with various sizes and shapes.

However, no matter what the size of the stairs is, jute stair treads are available with either rounded edges or straight defined edges. This is a decision which will come down to personal preference. The rounded edges will extend all the way to the edge of the stair, so you don’t need to worry about any areas not being covered effectively.

Choosing the right thickness

The correct thickness to buy will depend on the type of carpet you have and the number of trips up and down the stairs which take place generally in a day.

For stairs in offices and communal areas which may be walked up and down 50-100 times or more during the day, you should choose jute stair treads which are thicker than standard. While the standard thickness is normally 1-2cm, thicker treads are around 3-4cm and provide much more cushioning for the carpet.

Thicker treads are also suitable for delicate carpets which you may be concerned could get damaged. Use your best judgment to decide what type of thickness would be best for the carpet, either in your home or in an office or other communal area.

Photo or screen display with color difference, color is not exact.We recommend ordering swatches before purchase.


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